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Endorsements Roll-In for Mark Walker for Congress

user profile image April 23rd, 2014 by Sam Holt - Comments (0)

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Sheriffs of Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Rockingham and Stokes Counties

"Mark Walker has demonstrated a desire to listen and work with all the people of the 6th District, including local elected officials of both Parties. We know him to be a man of service and integrity. We believe he is the best choice for our next Congressman."

NC Troopers Association

"Mark Walker will be a champion for law enforcement and public safety," said Tom Wright, retiree representative of the Troopers Association and Burlington resident. "Mark has deep roots in the Triad and has spent a career in service. He is a true leader. Mark will put the people first and, as a political outsider, will bring a fresh perspective to Washington - he is the best choice for North Carolina."


“Mark Walker will be a champion for law enforcement and public safety,” said Tom Wright, 
retiree representative of the Troopers Association and Burlington resident. “Mark has deep roots 
in the Triad and has spent a career in service. He is a true leader. Mark will put the people first 
and, as a political outsider, will being a fresh perspective to Washington – he is the best choice 
for North Carolina.”


Rep. John Blust

"Mark Walker is the conservative Washington outsider that will represent the people of the 6th District with integrity."

Mark Harris (Former Senate Candidate and Influential Pastor)

"Having known Mark for 20 years in ministry, I find him to be an extraordinary leader and man of tremendous character.  The citizens of the 6th District will be well-served by this man who will represent the principles and values that not only make America great, but make this part of North Carolina exceptional.  It is my pleasure to endorse Mark Walker and I encourage citizens of the 6th District to get out and make their support known."

Heather Grant (Former Senate Candidate and Medical Professional)

"I see Mark as a regular person of good character who is standing on his own merit. He is looking out for our future and will do what he needs to do to move our country back to what it needs to be.”  

Eagle Forum (Pro-Leader Leader)

“Mark Walker is a vital voice for North Carolina. He is a common-sense, Constitutional conservative who will champion pro-family issues as a citizen legislator and not a career politician,” said Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly. “Throughout his campaign, Mark has demonstrated his strong commitment to the people of North Carolina’s 6th district, not Washington and special interests. We need leaders like Mark in Washington to stand against the tyranny of the Obama Administration in an effort to return power to the people and the states.”

Schlafly continued “Now, more than ever, we need Congressional leaders who will not just call themselves conservative....We know Mark Walker will represent and fight for our values.”

Alan Branson (Guilford County Commissioner)

“I have been following Mark Walker for over a year now.  During his campaign Mark has shown he truly cares for the People of District 6.  He will be the candidate who will be there for his constituents.  Mark Walker will represent District 6 with integrity, honesty, conservative leadership and common sense. Mark is a Godly man who will use his steadfast faith in God to make his decisions in Washington, D.C. I encourage you to join me and cast your vote for Mark Walker on July 15th.”

Mike Causey (Veteran, Former 6th District Candidate)

“I am proud to endorse Mark Walker for Congress.  Mark is a pro-life, free-market, small-government conservative, and he is exactly the type of person we need representing us.  Throughout the campaign, he has shown himself to be a true conservative who will work tirelessly to defend our constitutional rights and our core values in Congress.  Mark Walker is the clear choice in this election.”

Charlie Sutherland (Businessman, Former 6th District Candidate)

“Mark Walker is not another career politician.  He is a North Carolina resident like you and me who sees that Washington is a mess, and he is the man to clean it up.  He shares our conservative ideals and is not afraid to make tough decisions, and he has my full support in the upcoming runoff.”

Don Webb (Veteran, Former 6th District Candidate)

“As a candidate for the NC6 Congressional seat, I had a unique perspective on the other candidates in the race prior to May 6th. I spent time with all of them, and listened to them make their case for being elected. I suggest three main criteria for making a selection between the remaining candidates: the candidate, the campaign, and their character. One candidate has presented himself as a servant leader who is quick to listen and slow to anger. One has not. One candidate has organized and run an open and honest campaign funded by the people of the district. One has not. One candidate has acted with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness throughout the campaign and surrounded himself with like-minded people. One has not. The clear choice in this election is Mark Walker. He does not profess to have all the answers nor all the connections in Washington D.C. or Raleigh. We need someone who is connected to the people of this district and the conservative principles we need. Please join me in supporting Mark Walker to represent the 6th District of NC in Congress.”

Bruce Voncannon (Businessman, Former 6th District Candidate)

“I believe we can reduce our debt and create jobs if we can fix our broken politics. I believe Mark Walker understands that. And he understands that fixing our politics begins with honesty—it begins with leveling with voters rather than trying to fool them. Mark also understands that a big part of our problem is leadership. We have enough career politicians in Washington. It’s time to elect leaders who will put doing what’s right ahead of politics as usual.”  

B.J. Barnes (Sheriff, Guilford County)

“My decision is based on a simple test. I require my candidate or elected official to be honest, have integrity and a caring attitude about the citizens they want to represent. Of the two people in this run-off, this wasn’t a hard decision. I feel Mark Walker best meets those criteria.” 

Terry Johnson (Sheriff, Alamance County)

“Mark Walker is the man we need in Washington, DC. He’s a strong conservative and a fine Christian individual who is a strong supporter of law enforcement. After doing my research, Mark Walker is my choice to represent us in Washington.”

Clarence Henderson (Civil Rights Leader and Participant in Greensboro Woolworth Sit-In)

“Mark Walker not only cares about the individual rights of the people, but as a Congressman will do everything in his power to protect, preserve, and defend those rights.  These rights keep us a free society—the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  

Ray Coble (Coble family)

“Mark is the best choice to fight against Obamacare and stand for traditional values. I am enthusiastically supporting my friend Mark Walker for Congress, and I hope you will too.”

BG Blake Williams Retd (U.S. Army)

"Mark Walker will hold Washington accountable and vote to reduce the size of the federal government. He will be a voice for the people of the 6th District."

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan (Fox News Channel Contributor)

"I know Mark Walker personally and I like him immensely. He's a principled man with strong conservative values. His voice in Washington, D.C., will ensure his North Carolina constituents that they have a man of integrity, compassion, devotion and strength working for them."

Dr. Matthew Tsuei (Fellow, American College of Surgeons)

"Mark's promise to limit his time in Washington shows that he is not interested in building personal power or wealth, but he is genuinely interested in helping to fix the problems that face our country."

Olga Perkins (Fmr. Guilford County Chairperson of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly)

"I am voting for Mark Walker because he possesses integrity, leadership, experience, and a passion to be an honest and caring voice for the people of the 6th District."

Bill Wright (Fmr. Guilford County GOP Chairman and Mayor)

"Mark is a breath of fresh air in the toxic world of today’s political environment. He will represent District 6 with integrity, dedication and a spirit of servant hood, not with a sense of entitlement or quest for power, so common among today’s politicians. We need conservative leaders like Mark Walker in Congress."

Mary Rakestraw (Fmr. City Councilwoman and County Commissioner)

"Mark Walker is a common sense candidate with a business background who will represent the interest of the entire 6th district."

William Hammer (Fmr. Publisher, The Rhinoceros Times)

"For the last 30 years, North Carolina's 6th Congressional District representative has been a person of unquestionable principles, of strong conviction, an unwavering conservative and a gentleman. By voting for Mark Walker, we can continue this fine tradition - which is why I wholeheartedly endorse Mark Walker to be our next 6th District Congressman." 

Tim Sessoms (Mayor, Summerfield)

"It is an honor to support such a fine candidate as Mark Walker for United States Congress. Mark is a Godly man that will make the right decisions for our future and our children's. I hope you will vote for him on May 6th."

Randy Braswell (Mayor, Stokesdale)

“Mark Walker is disciplined, hardworking and a natural born leader. Mark is not taking any PAC money so he will represent the people in this district and not special interests in Washington.”



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