Meet Mark

After sixteen years of serving as a pastor, Mark Walker followed a new calling and launched an improbable campaign for Congress. With no political pedigree or capital, he built a grassroots campaign that centered on a simple idea: PEOPLE OVER POLITICS. Like many voters, Mark had grown frustrated with Washington’s failed promises and their business-as-usual approach.

By God’s grace, Mark was successful. Throughout a primary, a run-off and general election in 2014, Mark was tested, attacked, and outspent; however, he refused to engage in mudslinging politics and chose to lead a positive campaign, focusing on hope, opportunity, and solutions.

“When I was elected to Congress, I told our team, let’s do more than make an argument, let’s make a difference. I was determined to be both a conservative warrior and a bridge builder for all of our communities. That’s exactly what we’ve done, and what we will keep doing as your next Senator. Now we’re taking the next step with some amazing people. I look forward to earning your support.”

Mark Walker

In Congress, Mark served as the Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference, the top Republican on the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism, the Chairman of the Prayer Caucus and formerly the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee – the largest conservative caucus in the House, a leadership position also formerly held by Mark’s friends Rep. Jim Jordan, Minority Whip Steve Scalise, and Vice President Mike Pence.

Mark Walker is recognized as both a conservative champion and bridge-builder. Mark has earned the high praise of President Trump and Vice President Pence, working with the administration to pass tax reform, anti-human trafficking bills, criminal justice reform, support for North Carolina farmers and measures to rebuild our military. Mark is also the only Republican House member to receive the United Negro College Fund’s HBCU Congressional President’s List Award.

Mark and his wife, Kelly, a Family Nurse Practitioner, have three children and are celebrating twenty-eight years of marriage.

Mark Walker Has Championed:

  • Government Reform and Saving Taxpayers Money
  • Combatting Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking
  • Tax Reform and Cuts for Middle-Income Families and Workers
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Policies of Hope and Opportunity
  • School Choice and Empowering Parents and Students
  • Standing Up to China
  • Protecting Life at Every Stage
  • Supporting Law Enforcement and the Second Amendment
  • Securing Our Border and Stopping Amnesty
  • Lowering the Cost of Health Care and Medications
  • Second Chances and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Support for HBCUs and Their Students
  • Targeted Disaster Relief for North Carolina
  • Support for Farmers and Protections from Eminent Domain
  • Child Tax Credit and Adoption Tax Credit
  • Improving Care and Service to Veterans